Our Barbie-Inspired Travel article was such a hit we decided to give you a part two! Here are some more great destinations to consider if you want to feel like you’re living in Barbie’s world! Embrace the glamour and beauty of all things pink with these truly unique travel experiences.

Pink Street – Lisbon, Portugal

Pink Street, (Rua Nova do Carvalho), is a one-of-a-kind street found in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. With its vibrant pink colour, the road passes through downtown and is home to many popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Originally considered part of Lisbon’s red-light district, this part of town transformed in recent years and is now a hot spot for both tourists and locals. Not only is the street a pretty sight, but with the colourful buildings and street art, this is a great place to listen to live music and take in the upbeat atmosphere during the day. In the evening, it’s the perfect spot to go out for a drink and enjoy the energetic nightlife! Tip – if you’re looking for that perfect photo, try and visit early to avoid crowds!

Barbie-inspired travel

Malibu Barbie Cafe – New York, USA

Likely one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants you can visit, the Barbie Cafe in New York City will instantly transport you into Barbie world. Lots of pink and fun photo ops make up the decor, you’ll have the chance to see a full-size dollhouse and a beach scene that looks exactly like a place Barbie and friends would meet up. All ages are welcome, your reservation will include an entree and side along with full access to the Barbie experience. However, it’s important to note that the pop-up restaurant will only be open until September 15th, so if you’re planning a visit consider taking a trip soon!

Pink Granite Coast – Brittany, France

This beautiful stretch of coastline in Northern France is an excellent spot for outdoor lovers of all things pink. Named for its famous pink rocks, there are many walking paths, swimming spots and cafes along the seaside. Make sure to check the tide times when you visit, your walking route may vary depending on whether you are at low or high tide. A wonderful place for a family vacation, the clear water and sandy beaches are sure to be enjoyed by all. Easy to get to by car, train, bus, plane or even boat, the rose-coloured rocks and charming coastal atmosphere will make you feel like you are stepping into a real-life fairytale.

Barbie-inspired travel

Mattel Adventure Park – Glendale, Arizona

If you, like many others, are a huge Barbie fan then you’re in luck – a brand new theme park is in the works and set to open in 2024 and will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy everything Barbie! Mattel Adventure Park will entertain guests of all ages with rides, interactive exhibits and attractions based on all of their major brands. Keep your eyes peeled for an official opening date or sign up online at https://www.matteladventurepark.com/ for a chance to be one of the first to visit the park!

Barbie-inspired travel

Barbie taught us to embrace all things pink and hopefully, some of these destinations will let your inner Barbie shine. So grab your Ken or your friends Midge and Skipper, and enjoy your Barbie-inspired travel plans!

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