‘Tis the season everyone! Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, it is time to get in the holiday spirit! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the time leading up to Christmas is actually so much more fun than the day itself. Part of that fun? Decorating! Whether you buy your decorations, make them from scratch or gather family pieces throughout the years, here are some creative DIY decor ideas that are cute, budget-friendly and fun for the whole family. 

creative DIY

Mason jar centrepieces

Let’s start off with an easy one! Empty mason jars can be used for so many purposes, and they make a great vessel for decorating. The world is really your oyster with this one – you can get white sand, small pinecones, deer figurines and greenery to make a winter scene. Another idea is to get some twine and ribbon, wrap it around the jar, then fill the jar with water and put a tea light candle on top!

Ribbon tree

A beautiful ribbon tree with your choice of colours and patterns! This is the perfect tabletop tree and can be made to match your existing decor – it’s also a great activity for the kids. All you need is a few different types of ribbon, push pins, a foam cone (which can be found in the craft section of a dollar store) and a hot glue gun. Top your tree with a little pinecone or another small festive item!

Giant holiday wreath 

This one is fun because there are no real instructions or patterns to follow! Simply get yourself a hula hoop, some gold spray paint, twine, yarn, greenery (eucalyptus or pine) and you’re set. You can make this as fancy as you want by adding some berries, dried citrus and florals, or by adding some wooden letters to spell something out in the middle of your wreath. You’re the boss!

Salt dough ornaments 

Feel like a kid again with good old salt dough! To create your own, combine 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 1/2 cups of warm water in a mixing bowl. Knead the dough, roll it out, then cut it into the shapes you want. You can paint them, put glitter on them, stamp the, etc!

Pinecone tabletop tree 

This one is probably the cheapest to make and might be the cutest to display! Similar to the ribbon tree, all you need is a foam cone, about 15-20 pinecones and floral wire. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can spray paint it white or gold for that rustic touch. Make a few of them and line them up on a table runner for the ultimate table setting!

String snowflake 

The string snowflake is perhaps a little less kid-friendly as it involves nails and hammers, but it makes for great wall décor without looking too tacky. You’re essentially hammering nails into a square piece of wood, in a snowflake shape (using a stencil) and then using white yarn to connect all your nails together. The more randomly you string them together, the prettier it’ll be! 

Cinnamon stick candle

A classic holiday DIY – the cinnamon stick candle. It really is as simple as it sounds! Using a large-diameter candle (ideally of a light colour), gather plenty of cinnamon sticks and wrap them around the candle (either sticking them on with a hot glue gun or with wire). As your candle burns, the smell of warm cinnamon will fill your space!

Advent calendar 

This one requires a little more craftsmanship and tools, but it’s a great piece that you can reuse even once the holidays are over! Essentially, you’re building a small open-front house and making two cubes with numbers on them. Depending on the season or holiday, you can put whatever you want in the background of the house (a wreath for example) and then the cubes serve as the date. Once the holidays are over, replace the wreath with a family photo and use the calendar year-round!

creative DIY

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin

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