With the end of the summer fast approaching, temperatures are not decreasing…though, our tolerance for them may be. So whether you’ve spent the summer bathing in the sun and need a brief getaway from the scorching heat, or you’ve managed to stow away in your air-conditioned home—the final call for last-minute summer travel is ringing! Here are a few destinations to keep cool this summer before summer lovin’ comes to an end!

New Zealand

Although New Zealand is known for its high temperatures during the warmer months, winter weather keeps the country cool between June and August. As of June, the average North Island temperatures range from 4-16 degrees Celsius and 1-12 degrees in the South.

Regardless of the weather, this country is renowned for its landscapes and wineries—both of which can be enthusiastically appreciated in the winter months. While a skiing and snow-covered getaway can be experienced here at this time of year, travellers can head up to the subtropical islands of Northland to hike, swim and see the Tasman Sea meet the Pacific Ocean at Cape Reinga.

destinations to keep cool this summer

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

This idyllic Canadian escape is the epitome of East coast culture. Regarded as one of Canada’s most beautiful islands, Cape Breton has no shortage of breathtaking views that will leave you coming back each year.

The temperatures from June to August generally range between 10-20 degrees, making it ideal weather for those looking to enjoy summer sunshine without the intense heat waves. Book a weekend to drive along the Cabot Trail and see the coastline in all its glory!

destinations to keep cool this summer


Escape to Scotland for a strong dose of warm culture and cool weather! The high temperatures fluctuate between 18-20 degrees throughout the summer, so make sure to pack a few sweaters for your stay!

For your itinerary, be sure to take a tour of the Edinburgh castle to learn more about Scotland’s history, and stroll through the Isle of Skye to see the romantic landscape for yourself!

destinations to keep cool this summer


For travellers that are looking to experience an adventure that revolves around wilderness exploration, Alaska is a great option! While many of us find ourselves with more time to hike during the summer months, our excursions can come at the cost of dangerous heat. In this case, jetting off to a cooler climate to summit peaks and admire wildlife, feels like a great tradeoff!

Temperatures in Alaska generally fluctuate between 9-17 degrees in August, and spending a few nights in Juneau and Anchorage is highly recommended.

San Francisco

Shifting between 13-20 degrees throughout the final month of the summer, San Francisco is packed with potential for a beautiful summer trip! This city is a perfect hybrid for those who long for the city as much as they do the beach. For a well-rounded experience of what this city has to offer, walk along the Golden Gate bridge, take a guided tour of the city and hike along the Tomales Point trail at Point Reyes National Seashore.

destinations to keep cool this summer


Last but not least, this destination is a no-brainer for anyone that wants to embark on a moody, cool vacation. Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland has something to offer everyone! Ranging from 8-13 degrees in August, travellers are exposed to incredible landscapes and a multitude of adventures, all while beating the summer heat!

By: Briahna McTigue

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