No matter where we travel, appreciating an area’s cuisine and indulging in local delicacies is a privilege. It’s a natural—and blissful—part of the travelling experience. Some enjoy this at a leisurely pace, casually trying new meals as they explore the area. Others pursue this with feverish excitement, entirely following the whims of their palate! With that being said, if your foodie tendencies drive a lot of your travel choices, we suggest visiting Copenhagen! This foodie destination largely prioritizes sustainable and seasonal cuisine, so you can also feel good about what you eat. Following a food tour here can also teach you more about sustainable eating, and leave you feeling inspired. Here are some classic Danish delicacies to eat your way through Copenhagen!


This is arguably one of the city’s most traditional dishes. This open-faced sandwich starts with a piece of rye bread and is layered with sauce, vegetables, fish or meat. The history of this delicacy dates back to the 19th century when it was a common lunch for farmworkers in the area… Although, the recipes were considerably less refined than the versions we see today. Nonetheless, this iconic meal stayed within the hearts of many locals and has since been introduced to the realm of fine dining. In fact, most restaurants in Copenhagen have their own creative variation of the Smørrebrød.

If you’ve never tasted one before, locals recommend having one with marinated herring. Pairing this meal with Schnapps is also a classic part of the Smørrebrød experience. You can find these at Aamann’s Deli & Takeaway, Domhusets Smørrebrød, Hallernes Smørrebrød, and Schønnemann.

Frikadeller & Fiskefrikadeller & Falafel

Many countries have their own version of a meatball. The Frikadeller is Denmark’s take. These meatballs are usually flat and pan-fried, made with ground pork and beef, onion, egg, milk, flour and salt. You can find this delicacy—among many others—at Amass restaurant. Cafe Petersborg and Restaurant Klubben are also popular locations to enjoy Frikadeller!

On the other hand, Fiskefrikadeller (“fish cakes”) are also very well-liked in Copenhagen. This dish is made with a mix of white fish, onion, parsley, lemon, salt and pepper, that is fried until golden. They are typically served with cucumber and a Danish remoulade. These can be enjoyed at the Schønnemann restaurant.

Falafel is another popular meal in Copenhagen, but this one is vegetarian-friendly! Locals say that one of the best places to order falafels is at a food stand called Christiania Falafel, in the heart of the Christiania community.

Seafood… Any Kind of Seafood

When in Copenhagen, eating fresh seafood is a must, and marinated herring is the first iconic dish that everyone is encouraged to try. Fresh mussels and oysters are also abundant here. Fiskebaren (Kødbyen Fiskebar) is a great restaurant to find local, seasonal and sustainable seafood. Here, you can enjoy a plate of flat oysters—the last native oysters in Europe—and the Pacific oyster, which happens to be an invasive species. You can also order fresh lobster and fish and chips.

eat your way through Copenhagen

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

While this may seem unexpected, Copenhagen has become fairly renowned for its hamburgers and hot dogs. The best of both are found in small food stands scattered across the city. The Døp gourmet hot dog cart, for example, is a local favourite. For burgers, the Gasoline Grill has made its mark over the years and has franchised across the city. While all of their burgers have received high praise, the Butter Burger is extremely popular.

eat your way through Copenhagen

While it may seem like there are too many delicious delicacies to choose from, the beauty of Copenhagen’s biking culture will surely keep you active and hungry!

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By: Briahna McTigue

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