Flighthub x BBBSWI Update

What’s happening with our friends at Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island this month?

September 16th – 25th

Epicure Fundraiser

Big Brothers Big Sisters often partners with local businesses for monthly fundraisers. This month they are working with Epicure, a culinary company specialized in herbs and spices. The Weeknight Dinners collection is packed with an assortment of easy meal solutions that help you get dinner on the table fast. 40% of all sales will be giving back to Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island. 

September 18th

Big Bunch Outing

Big Bunch is a group-based mentoring program aimed to provide bonding activities for the children on the waitlist for one-on-one mentoring. This month’s event was an environmental day at Project PACE Farm, in Ile Bizard. The group learned about the environment and sustainability through farming and agriculture. The day included a private tour of the farm, feeding animals, learning about honey and the importance of bees, as well as how to compost. The day ended with everyone getting together to paint the chicken coops, leaving their creative stamp for the animals to enjoy!

September 25th


This past weekend, BBBS along with KIDCoders hosted the first of a two-part workshop, fully subsidized by the agency. Using Javascript and Python, the Littles got the opportunity to learn coding by creating their own video game character, in the comfort of their own homes. This program allows them to “play”, while learning skills that will help them advance in a real-world setting, especially those who wish to further explore a career path in the STEM field. This workshop allows young people to mix creativity and technology, all while having fun!

September 27th – ongoing

Recruitment Campaign

Approximately 20 boys are still on the waitlist and looking for their Big Brother. The goal of this campaign is to find male volunteers to get these particular children matched, as some of them have been waiting for quite some time. The campaign will highlight profiles of specific youth who are on the waitlist- their interests, needs, etc. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor you can sign up here:

Spotlight on a Match

Josiane & Talia

Josiane (Big) and Talia (Little) have been matched for three months, and are a perfect pair! Talia is already benefiting from having an additional, positive adult role model in her life. Both of them are adventurous, adrenaline junkies and have many interests in common. They love skateboarding, riding roller coasters at LaRonde, wakeboarding on the lake, and taking rides on Josiane’s motorcycle. In addition, Josiane recently got married and included Talia in this huge milestone in her life. Josiane gives Talia the space she needs to express her creativity, and shares in her passions and interests. Josiane’s character inspires Talia to push herself academically, and shows her it’s possible to reach her full potential!