Step one in becoming a packing pro is writing a packing list and laying out everything you intend to bring at least one week before your departure. This way you can see everything you have, determine what is a necessity, identify anything that might be missing and anything that you could easily live without. This will help you feel more organized and avoid over or under packing. Packing is all about being organized, calm and cool.

Know the Airline Baggage Policy

This is a crucial part of travel in general. Nobody wants to start a trip off by finding out you need to pay extra because your bag is too big or too heavy. This is also a good time to note items that are not permitted for travel. Make sure you double check your carry-on bags for any no-fly items and pack them in your checked bag instead. If you’re travelling with only a carry-on make sure it fits the exact dimension requirements for your airline(s) and that any liquids are less than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml. If checking baggage make sure you note the weight limit and if possible weigh your bag at home before departing for your trip. 

Think Multipurpose 

Packing articles of clothing that can work in many different outfits will save you time and valuable luggage space. You may really want to bring your new denim overalls, but how many outfits does that really work for? Instead bring items that are versatile and layerable. 

Separate Dirty Laundry

Throw an extra plastic bag or two into your suitcase for your dirty laundry. Most people will end up washing everything from a trip when they get back home anyway but you’ll still want to have a designated spot for your dirty items, especially things like socks and underwear. 

Keep your Liquids Safe

One of my packing nightmares is having my liquids, such as shampoo leak into my bag. To avoid this I always pack extra plastic bags and scotch tape. Personally I like to put a little piece of tape over the caps and then place everything in resealable bags. This way if any mess occurs, it stays within the bag and you can simply rinse out the bag and reuse it. 

The Versatility of the Scarf

No matter the season, a light scarf is an essential travel item. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, doesn’t wrinkle and extremely versatile. Airplanes are almost always freezing. Scarves double as an easy to pack blanket that can also be rolled up to use as a pillow. Choosing a lightweight material such as linen or chiffon is important and you’ll want to choose a scarf with a good size. If you’re going to a tropical destination you can use the scarf as a beach cover up. If you’re visiting churches or temples you can use it to cover your shoulders or wrap around you as a sarong. And of course you can use it, well, as a scarf to keep your neck warm and stylish!

Roll Don’t Fold

Now that you’ve carefully determined what items you need to bring on your trip. It’s all about how to get it in your suitcase. Rolling your clothes is a major game changer in packing for a trip. Not only does it save tons of space but it also helps to prevent wrinkles. The rolling method is especially useful for backpacking and you can take it one step further by condescending articles of clothing into freezer size zipper bags or packing cubes. My personal pro tip is to make sure you sit on the bag while sealing it to remove any air and make your clothing bags flat as pancakes!

We hope these tips help you during your next trip and remember, travelling is all about being organized!

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