Turning a work trip into a vacation may seem too good to be true, but being well organized and managing time properly can really help make a business trip fun! A wide variety of jobs such as travel photographer, social media influencer, flight attendant and ESL teacher can take you all over the globe. Who knows, maybe this article will even inspire you to take that dream job.

Find a good accommodation with a designated workspace and internet

Depending on the length of the trip staying at a vacation rental might be a better option than a hotel. Rentals provide more space to be able to separate work and relaxation. It’s also more likely to have a stronger, more consistent internet connection than some hotels. 

Get travel rewards

If work takes you on frequent trips it might be a good idea to look into different travel or airline reward programs. This is a great way to save up for personal trips or get upgrades during travel. Some rewards even give special airport lounge access which can be especially useful when travelling for work.

Take time to enjoy the surroundings

There’s no reason not to enjoy your new surroundings. Whether it’s venturing out to try the local food or taking a short city tour, there are always ways to discover and immerse yourself in local life. Take your laptop along to a local café and change up your environment. 

Brush up on culture and language

Knowing some basic key phrases is beneficial for any traveller. It’s also useful to get acquainted with different cultural business practices. Knowing how different countries define professionalism and respect will not only impress international partners but will also help avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings or misinterpretations. 

Extend your trip for leisure

This is a great way to save money and avoid using up precious vacation days. Depending on your location you could travel to neighbouring countries or travel from the city to the countryside. Flights within Europe are super affordable for example or try the train for a more scenic transit. 

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