Layovers are often thought of as an inconvenience or annoyance, but we believe every step of travelling has something positive to offer! Time permitting, there are a number of ways a layover can actually be quite enjoyable. A little thinking outside the box goes a long way in helping you make the most of a layover with these easy tips. 

Take a nap

Although comfort may not be optimal, finding a place to snooze can make layovers pass by quickly and give you a boost of much-needed energy. Some airports even offer designated sleep areas with dim lighting and minimal noise. 

Do some exercise

Sitting in an airplane for hours can be hard on the body. Take a few moments to stretch or even find a gym or workout centre in the airport. Doing some simple exercises will help alleviate joint and muscle stiffness from sitting for so long and improve blood circulation. 

Research and plan

Take advantage of the downtime and free airport wifi to do some trip research. This is a great way to get a head start in planning daily excursions, reading restaurant reviews or reserving local transportation. You can also ask fellow travellers what their plans are and see if they have any good suggestions or advice!

Download a movie or show

Another opportunity to use free wifi that will pass time in both the airport and the flight. Most streaming apps offer an option to download shows and movies which can later be viewed without any wifi. Bonus, you won’t feel guilty for binge-watching that new show everyone’s been talking about! 


Check out the souvenir shops or local retailers for gifts to bring back home, or pass the time window shopping. Depending on the airport, you can find some really unique items and of course some great deals at one of the many duty-free shops. 

Play a game

Solo-travellers can download a number of apps to play virtually while those travelling in groups can opt for playing cards or a pen and paper game such as tic-tac-toe. There are even mini-versions of classic games which can easily be packed into any carry-on bag. This is also a great option when travelling with young children. 

Sightsee Indoors and Out

With layovers over 8 hours, a great option for travellers is to leave the airport and do some local sightseeing! Many airports now offer shuttle services that can take you on express tours of the city. Some airports even have museums, gardens, restaurants and other attractions built right inside. Changi airport in Singapore for example has a full indoor garden, movie theatre and even Michelin star restaurants!

Remember, being a good traveller is about embracing every moment of the trip from start to finish. A long layover may seem annoying but making the most of it can really transform your trip from good to great. 

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