The second Sunday of May is an important day — Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate mothers all around the world! Although it’s not the same day in every country, in North America, Mother’s Day is May 8th this year. No matter what her interests are, here are some ways to say thanks to your special mama with our mother’s day gift guide!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For the travelling mom…

Packing cubes

Although your mom is likely super organized already (I know mine is!), packing cubes are a great way to optimize luggage space. They help keep everything separate (including your pesky, leaky toiletries) and they usually save you space. Eagle Creek makes some really excellent ones — they even have a floating divider on the inside of the packing cube to separate the clean from dirty! If your mom is a Lululemon fan, they also have a great set of three cubes on their website that would pair perfectly with a soft pair of leggings. Perfect for a cozy plane ride!


While travelling, we tend not to wear our nice jewelry out of fear of losing it or ruining it. What if the jewelry was waterproof? Or soldered onto the wrist so that it could never fall off? Hey Harper is a jewelry company whose mission is to make jewelry you can wear anywhere — the ocean, the pool, in the shower, at the gym, AND they won’t tarnish. Another option is taking your mom to get a soldered bracelet — this is a bracelet that’s quite literally soldered to your wrist, that way there’s virtually no risk of ever losing it.

A Trip

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a flight to her dream destination, every mom deserves a vacation! This is a great gift option you can split with your siblings and give her something she definitely isn’t expecting. Browse hundreds of budget-friendly destinations with justfly. No matter if your mom is a beach lounger or a mountain climber, she’ll remember this gift forever and if you’re lucky maybe she’ll even invite you along!

For the beauty guru mom…

Hair tools

If your mom frequently styles her hair (and you want to be the favourite child), consider gifting her the highly-coveted Dyson Airwrap. This is a revolutionary styling system that allows you to blow-dry and style your hair at the same time, all while minimizing damage. Of course, being a Dyson product, it is extremely pricey, but several alternatives exist! The newest styling system from Drybar is several hundred dollars cheaper than the Airdrop and seems almost just as promising.


While this may not be the most original gift idea, it’s certainly practical! If your mom has a signature scent (or maybe several), try and sneak a peek at how much is left in the bottle next time you’re over. Trust me, perfume is *expensive* and when the time comes to replace the bottle, we are oh-so-grateful if we don’t have to buy it ourselves. 

For the chef of the family…

Air Fryer

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, has or wants an air fryer! Marketed as a healthy way to fry, the air fryer is essentially a mini-oven, that cooks your food quicker than a standard convection oven and with less oil. Since it’s become such a popular item, more and more models are available that fit any budget and kitchen size. While you may not believe the hype, as soon as you try it, you’ll be making all your recipes in it! 


I know, I know we can find recipes online, but it can be annoying constantly having to unlock your phone and getting your greasy fingers on the screen! Besides, if your mothers are anything like mine, they probably prefer actual pages to turn versus a screen to tap. How about Tieghan Gerard’s new cookbook, Half Baked Harvest Every Day? Modern takes on classic recipes, Gerard is all about simple ingredients and feel-good food! A great gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen. 

For the mom who needs more self-care…

Spa day

I don’t know a single mom that wouldn’t appreciate a spa day! Not only is it a gift for her, but it’s also a gift for you. Better yet, it’s also a great way to spend some quality time together. As we get older, we tend to spend less time with our parents — this can be a great bonding experience and what parent isn’t grateful to spend more time with their kids?


Journaling has always been a wonderfully therapeutic activity. For the over-worked or mentally exhausted mom, this is an awesome gift idea. This also makes a beautiful keepsake to pass down to the generations. Whether she is someone who writes every day or someone who may need a little more guidance, there’s a journal for everyone. Pair it with a beautiful fountain pen and you’ve got yourself a winner! 

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin

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