Our two favourite things come together in this article: travel and the Holidays. What better way to spend a chilly December night than cozy on the couch watching one of these classic holiday flicks. Get your hot chocolate and popcorn ready!


This family favourite is all kinds of quirky and festive! Buddy the Elf travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his long-lost dad. While we don’t recommend taking the same route as Buddy walking through the candy cane and floating on ice across the Arctic ocean, we do highly recommend a trip to NYC during the holidays!

The Holiday

The internet has jokingly deemed this festive rom-com “the invention of Airbnb”. With an all-star cast and a house swap between charming Surrey, England and glamorous Los Angeles, California this movie transports you across the globe and has a surprising heart-warming and non-cheesy plot.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The third instalment in the National Lampoon franchise, this slapstick comedy has been a household favourite since the 1980s. Set in Chicago the movie showcases all the magic of the city during the holidays. When you’re not too busy laughing hysterically, enjoy the scenery and festive sets.

Last Holiday

Queen Latifah and LL Cool J star in this loveable comedy about a woman who finds out she only has a few weeks to live and wants to make the most of her last days. The setting is an adorable European ski town with plenty of travel goal inspiration. Even though this movie is at times a little sad, the spirit of following your dreams and embracing life’s moments is what resonates most with viewers.

The Polar Express

This animated feature based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg is a Christmas adventure the whole family can enjoy. As the title suggested, the plot follows a group of children venturing to the North Pole on a special train. The animation is really beautiful and the North Pole scenery makes you feel at home with Santa. Oh, and did we mention Tom Hanks voices, not one, not two, but six different characters. Everybody loves Tom Hanks!

Love Actually

A modern romance with a prominent theme of travel- the opening scene is in an airport after all. A hilarious and charming cast is the real heart of this movie. We follow nine different love stories, each unique in its own way and coming together in perfect harmony.

Home Alone

Although our main character doesn’t technically get to take part in the travel aspect of the movie- we couldn’t leave this classic off the list. Perhaps one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time with MaCaulay Culkin starring as little Kevin McAllister who gets forgotten at home while his family jets off to Paris for the holidays. The movie is all kinds of chaos and will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

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