Ahh, the wedding season of 2022…if your social circles are anything like ours, this is likely one of the busiest summers you’ll ever have! Especially if you’re in the bridal party, this may be a hectic (and expensive!) time for you. We’ve all attended bachelor and bachelorette parties, but have you ever had to plan one? Here are some helpful tips for planning your bestie’s bachelorette party so that everyone remains sane and happy! 

Planning your Bestie’s Bachelorette

Establish a Guest List

First things first, you can’t plan a party without a guest list. Typically, bachelorette parties are limited to the bridal party, but if the bride has a smaller party, it’s likely she’ll want to invite some additional friends and family along. Ask her about who she’d like to be there and gather their contact information. It’s a good idea to create a group chat or email chain to keep in touch with guests throughout the planning process. Simple enough, right?

Determine the Date

Once you’ve finalized the guest list, you’ll have the fun task of figuring out which weekend works best for everyone. In my experience, it’s usually best to figure out which month you’d like to throw the party with the bride, and then give every weekend of that month as a possibility to the group. The bride should obviously have priority in selecting potential dates. Make sure you give guests ample time to save the dates, especially if people need to request vacation days from work. The earlier you can secure your dates the better.


Staycation or weekend away — that is the big question! This is something that hopefully you’ve picked up on since knowing your BFF. If you’ve been paying enough attention, you likely know what they prefer between a weekend away or staying local. Having said that, don’t be shy to ask the bride exactly what she wants. The last thing you need is for your bride to be disappointed in your choice of destination. If the bride is easygoing and is open to either option, I’d recommend asking the group — sometimes, due to budget limitations, a staycation is the best way to go! 

Ideal Activities & Itinerary

Once you’ve determined where you’re going, now is the time to figure out what you’ll be doing! Steps 3 and 4 are interchangeable in my opinion — for example, you could plan the ideal itinerary for the bride, and then determine where it’s possible to do those things. Remember to consider that activities may be limited in certain locations. A cabin getaway may not have many bars in the area for example so you may need to adjust accordingly. Another important tip is to make sure you plan for downtime. There is nothing more draining than a jam-packed weekend with zero chance to recharge!

Make Reservations in Advance

This is especially true (and incredibly necessary) when you’re planning for a large group and you’ll be going out during high season (AKA summer). Any outing of more than six people, I would strongly recommend reserving ahead of time, if you can. Whether it’s for a restaurant, a spa or a workout class, you don’t want any negative surprises on the day of the event.

Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

This may be the most important tip I can give! You may feel like you need to do everything on your own because it’s your job as a maid of honour. That’s simply untrue! Of course, you’re likely going to be the leader in all of this, but I think it’s a big mistake not to utilize the other people in the group. People want to feel included and helpful, so don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. Not only will they help eliminate some of the stress you’re experiencing, but they’ll be able to provide valuable input in decision making. In the end, they’ll be even more excited about the weekend because everyone will feel like they contributed to its success! 

Try Not to Get Overwhelmed

Remember the big picture — at the end of the day, it’s going to be a great time, no matter what you end up doing! You are planning this party so the bride/groom can focus on wedding planning, which is arguably much more stressful. So take a step back and relax!

Planning your Bestie’s Bachelorette

Happy wedding season everyone!

Written by: Sacha Vincent-Toskin

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