Most people might find the idea of solo travel intimidating or even downright scary. But here at FlightHub, we think everyone should try it at least once! Here are our tips for all the ups and downs that come with travelling alone.

PRO – Meeting New People

Travelling alone means making friends everywhere and anywhere. People are more likely to put effort into getting to know people when they aren’t already surrounded by friends, and making friends around the world means they will always have a place to stay when they come back to visit!

CON – Meeting New People

If you’re a shy person it can be intimidating and awkward to initiate social interactions alone. You’ll need to step outside your comfort zone every once in a while in order to avoid loneliness. If you’re an especially shy or anxious person try planning ahead to choose destinations where you can visit friends or family for periods of time.

PRO – You’re in Charge

Unlike travelling in a group, there’s no need to find a way to pack everyone’s interests into your itinerary. Travelling alone means you’re fully in charge, meaning you won’t have to worry about being judged for wanting to spend a day by the pool instead of visiting a museum. You’ll also have the opportunity to be more spontaneous and see where the day takes you. 

CON – No One to Share Costs With

Travelling alone means only one person is covering expenses. You can save money by staying in hostels or homestays, eating at markets or food stalls instead of restaurants, and being sure to have backup cash available for emergencies. Budgeting ahead of time for any trip is always a good idea.

PRO – Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Use a solo trip to learn something new! Staying with a host family is a great way to save on accommodation costs and immerse yourself in local culture. Learning a few useful sentences in another language like “Thank you” and “Where can I find…” are super helpful and the locals will appreciate your effort. You’d be surprised at how willing people are to share their culture and advice.

CON – Safety Risks

Safety is always a priority whether travelling alone or with ten other people. Tourists are already vulnerable to petty crimes so it’s important to be confident in decision making, know how to get from point A to point B and plan ahead. It’s not a bad idea to brush up on local laws and customs either. A woman travelling alone should be extra cautious, especially at night. Staying alert and having emergency contacts in place is important.

PRO – A Sense of Accomplishment

You’ll feel super proud of yourself for taking the plunge to travel solo and the experience will definitely be life-changing. Taking time to yourself is important for your mental health and it’s important to say yes to new experiences. Travelling is always a valuable life experience and taking it on by yourself is a huge accomplishment. You’ll learn just how strong and independent you can be!

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