When the temperature drops below zero and everything begins to freeze, there is nothing more satisfying than unwinding in the comfort of a hot tub or spa. The only exception, perhaps, would be the luxurious atmosphere of a hot spring with a memorable view! While there are many beautiful locations to choose from, we’ve assembled a few of the world’s best hot springs to spark some inspiration. So pack your swimsuit, a warm towel, and get ready to say ‘Bon Voyage’ for a trip you will never forget.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

World’s Best Hot Springs

This iconic geothermal spa is revered for its healing waters. Nestled in the land of fire and ice, the lagoon’s vibrant blue seawater is rich with minerals that work wonders for the skin. The presence of silica, in particular, attracts travellers from all around the world to experience its properties. This mineral compound strengthens the skin’s barrier function, ensuring that it remains moisturized, youthful and firm. The lagoon is also filled with sustainably sourced algae, which softens and purifies the skin. Although this destination is extremely popular among tourists, locals also take great pleasure in visiting the springs.

Hot Springs Cove, Canada

World’s Best Hot Springs

This Canadian gem is a cherished spot for tourists and locals alike. While group excursions can be arranged by local travel guides, private experiences can also be chartered for special celebrations. While the hot springs are open to the public year-round, visiting on days with ideal weather conditions increases the possibility of interacting with the surrounding wildlife. During ideal conditions, whales, black bears, seals, sea lions, puffins, sea otters and bald eagles can be seen.

Cascate del Mulino, Italy

World’s Best Hot Springs

Located in Tuscany, this European hot spring will allure you with its warmth and free admission! The Located in Tuscany, this European hot spring will allure you with its warmth and free admission! The springs are found just outside the town of Saturnia, which is known for its geothermal spa resorts. Cascate del Mulino, however, is definitely worth the detour. Here, the water does a lot more than soothe the senses. It is also rich in minerals, especially sulphur. As a result, the springs also can heal those that bathe here. The sulphur-rich hot springs are thought to help relieve arthritic pain and digestive disorders, as well as topical discomforts such as a dry scalp. As a bonus, travellers may also visit Saturnia and experience its architectural history and beauty firsthand.

Kheer Ganga Hot Spring, India

World’s Best Hot Springs

This hot spring is perfect for spiritual, adventure-seeking travellers. To reach this exquisite location, a hike of approximately four hours is required. Starting at the village of Barsheni, in India’s Parvati Valley, hikers have the opportunity to challenge themselves and soak in the scenery along the trek. Once the hike is complete, visitors will reach Kheer Ganga, where the Hindu god, Shiva, is said to have meditated for 3,000 years. There are two pools at this sacred site, and those looking for greater spiritual connection can visit the nearby Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.

Termas Geométricas, Chile

World’s Best Hot Springs

Designed by Chilean architect, Germán del Sol, this hot spring complex collects its water from more than sixty thermal springs along a 450 metre-long ravine. This hidden oasis is centred in the middle of Chile’s Villarrica National Park, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural landscape. Throughout the spa, a total of seventeen pools are connected by winding red walkways, with changing stalls and cooling waterfalls dispersed between them. This is a perfect destination for anyone looking to reconnect with the natural world outside and within them.

Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

World’s Best Hot Springs

Banjar Hot Springs locally referred to as Air Panas Banjar, is located approximately 5 kilometres southwest of the Lovina coast in northern Bali. While this province is known for its party life, adventure tourism and all-inclusive resorts, the Banjar springs are an incredible way to tap into Bali’s culture of healing and spirituality.

The hot spring also offers massages and body scrubs, and the 26% sulphuric water concentration helps soothe many skin conditions. Throughout the resort, guests can soak in three separate pools, and dine in an outdoor shaded area. For those looking to meditate, a visit to the Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist monastery is encouraged. Located less than a mile away from the springs, this temple can also be a wonderful space to heal.

By: Briahna McTigue

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