By: Briahna Mctigue

While some flock to sunny beaches during colder winter months, others embrace the chilly temperatures with open arms. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And more importantly… do it abroad! The following list presents a few worldwide travel destinations for winter lovers. So grab some skates, skis and hot chocolate, because this winter getaway will be one to remember.

1. Banff, Alberta

From December through March, Banff is a Canadian winter wonderland. Whether by hiking, snowshoeing or skating across frozen lakes, one can explore Banff’s towering mountains and small town charm. Alpine and cross country skiing are also widely available here during this time of year, as each offers a new way to interact with Banff’s natural landscape. Taking an icewalk tour, seeing frozen waterfalls and exploring the Banff National Park are also wonderful ways to enjoy the winter climate.

2. Aspen, Colorado

This destination’s main attraction is its diversity of mountains and ski trails. Regardless of your skiing experience, there are picturesque options for any skill level. With that being said, skiing isn’t the only thing this town has to offer. A winter excursion to this ski-resort town also offers twilight dogsledding, a ride on the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, wilderness Powder Tours and visits to the John Denver sanctuary.

3. Greenland

While this destination is captivating year-round, travelers looking to experience an authentic taste of winter life, can find comfort and amazement anywhere in Greenland. If the arctic wildlife, glistening icebergs and northern lights aren’t enough to keep a traveler in awe, the whale watching, ice fishing and diving opportunities will surely keep anyone busy for days. On the other hand, for those looking to stay warm, lounging in multiple hot springs should do the trick. Lastly, in addition to its breathtaking surroundings, Greenland’s history and culture is also incredibly rich. This makes trips to museums and guided sightseeing excursions enriching and worthwhile.

4. Savoie, France

Savoie is a department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Southeastern France, located in the French Alps. This location is a European oasis for ski lovers. Notably, one of its most renowned ski resorts is Val d’Isère. Known for its incredible altitude, great snow and optimal weather conditions, this resort has become a popular choice for many Europeans. Standing at about 1850m, Val d’Isère is among the highest resorts in Europe. For hotel bookings at Val d’Isère, Le Refuge de Solaise is perfect for nature lovers that enjoy seclusion as much as an adrenaline rush. It is also perched at the top of the trails, making it the highest hotel in the French Alps.

5. Rovaniemi, Finland

Recognized as the official home of Santa Claus, this idyllic winter destination will leave travellers feeling lighthearted and whimsical. Rovaniemi offers a variety of winter activities that fit the desires of every visitor. From seeing Santa Claus’ village and Santa Park, to going ice karting, watching the northern lights, and taking a reindeer sleigh ride, there is never a dull moment for an adventurous spirit in Rovaniemi. For those looking to further diversify their experience, visiting the Arktikum science museum is a great place to start. Tourists that explore this museum are able to interact with northern nature, culture and history in an intimate and tangible way.

With such a wide range of destinations to choose from, any traveler longing to celebrate their love for the holidays abroad, is bound to find something that feels like home.

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