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  • The Best Breakfasts to Start your Work Day 
    No matter your level of experience in the kitchen, finding new recipes to spice up your morning routine can be a challenge…especially in a time crunch before you start the work day. If you find yourself growing tired of starting each day
  • Tips for Working from Home
    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have adapted to allow employees to work from home. Some even encourage it, and have downsized office spaces. While working from home can help us cut back on our gas budget and travel
  • FlightHub Spreads Holiday Cheer In Support of Big Brothers Big Sisters 
    MONTREAL, December 22, 2022- FlightHub Group spreads holiday cheer in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island for a seventh year.  Since 2016 FlightHub Group has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island (BBBSWI), funding mentorship programs for at-risk youth.
  • Creative DIY Holiday Decor Ideas
    ‘Tis the season everyone! Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, it is time to get in the holiday spirit! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the time leading up to Christmas is actually so much more fun
  • Podcasts for your Commute to Work
    How many of you have recently had to start driving back into the office these days? Jumping on that “hybrid” work model? Or maybe you never stopped going to the office depending on your field. Or maybe you’re stuck on public transportation
  • Best European Holiday Destinations
    A lot of us dream of traveling to Europe in the summer months — the beautiful sunsets, clear blue waters and historic landmarks. How about exploring some of these same places in the winter? Let’s say…around Christmas time? Europe has some of
  • Best Cities to Visit if you Love Halloween
    Everyone seems to be a fan of autumn — the beautiful foliage, the cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes and most notably, my favourite holiday, Halloween! The decorations, the small-town feels, the scary costumes…it’s all so fun. Halloween isn’t just for the kids
  • Top Five Destinations to Admire Fall Colours
    While it is not uncommon to schedule trips around the changing seasons, the summer sun and winter snow usually inspire the most travel. However, with a decrease in tourism and prices, fall can also be a beautiful time to explore a new
  • Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving — the first holiday of the fall season! Honestly, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can feel like quite the feat, especially when whatever you make will likely be compared to legendary family recipes. Don’t freak out, the key to hosting Thanksgiving dinner is
  • FlightHub welcomes Vitalii to Canada
    On February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. In the seven months since, Ukrainians have fled their homeland in search of a safe country to live, work, and stabilize their families. Recognizing its role as a crucial provider of international transportation, FlightHub
  • 24 Hours in Paris, France
    Next up in our “24 Hours” series is the famous city of love, Paris. While I think we could all agree that only 24 hours here is nowhere near enough time, sometimes that’s all we get! Considering Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) airport is one
  • Eco-Tourism: Regenerative Travel
    Sustainable travel and eco-tourism have been taking the travel industry by storm for quite some time. While sustainability addresses the question of moving through the world responsibly and lessening our environmental impacts, it doesn’t fully address the idea of leaving a space
  • East Coast Mountain Tour
    When planning a hiking trip in the northern hemisphere, it’s not uncommon to immediately think of going out west for the wonder of the Rockies. Known as one of the largest mountain systems in the northern hemisphere, the Rockies can take you
  • Tour Maine’s Top Five Beaches
    Planning a trip to Maine means mapping out delectable seafood spots, brewery tours and endless beach days. With so many options, choosing the perfect beach town and making an itinerary can feel a little daunting. With that being said, the following article
  • Greek Island Hopping
    Greece is one of the most idyllic countries in the world, making it the ultimate destination for just about anybody! Whether you’re looking for a romantic island for your honeymoon, a beach club for partying or old cobblestone streets to get lost
  • 10 Commonly Forgotten Travel Items
    Have you ever gotten off the plane, and entered your hotel room, only to realize that you forgot that one thing you swore you wouldn’t forget? Trust me, we’ve all been there! We’re all human and packing faux-pas’ are going to happen!
  • Labour Day Celebrations Across North America
    Labour day is a statutory holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September throughout Canada and the US. While the rest of the world celebrates it at the beginning of May, we are the only two countries that celebrate in September! Let’s
  • The Perfect Vermont Weekend
    When booking weekend getaways, many of us stick to travelling within our own province or state… Sometimes mistaking familiarity with proximity, and as a result, overlooking destinations with so much to offer. With that being said, I ventured to Vermont for a
  • Destinations to Keep Cool This Summer
    With the end of the summer fast approaching, temperatures are not decreasing…though, our tolerance for them may be. So whether you’ve spent the summer bathing in the sun and need a brief getaway from the scorching heat, or you’ve managed to stow
  • Mauritius Travel Guide
    While travellers flock to the sandy beaches of Cuba, Mexico and Hawaii year-round, this stunning island is often overlooked when it comes to booking a tropical escape. Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island, once home to the extinct Dodo bird, and is